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Media Literacy charity training young people on how to spot misinformation as local news reporters

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Why We Exist

We want every child to have a high-quality media literacy education.

Only 36% of Brits trust the news Only 1/3 of the British people say they trust the news, others claim having doubts about the media.


Children exposed to misleading content About 51% of the UK's children have been exposed to more misleading online content often leaving children feeling annoyed, upset, sad, angry, attacked or scared


24% of UK users doubt information online Reports say that 24% of UK users don't consider trustworthiness of online information at all


People Behind The Student View

Meet the people who lead the The Student Views mission.

Our Team

Our work is driven by our staff, journalist volunteers, trustees and advisory board members.

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Our Achievements

“Winning this prestigious prize is a huge endorsement of our hard work.”

The Student View was awarded the Global Youth & News Media Prize

Since September 2016

We've made impressive progress since we started by giving voice young people from underserved communities a chance to share their world through words.

140 Newsrooms have been launched

2 267 Young people have completed our programme about media literacy

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Local News Partnerships

The brilliant ideas of our teenage reporters have been published by our partners at local news organisations across the country. These investigations are shaping the public conversation on issues that matter to them most.

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All donations go to our mission to ensure all young people receive high-quality media literacy education