132 Parking Fines For One Croydon Vehicle In 2019

The person who received the parking fines in Croydon may have had to pay a maximum of £17,160 in fines, or a minimum of £3,960.

By Leah and Resika, Croydon · May 12, 2020

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Data from Croydon Borough Council has revealed that 132 parking fines were given to one vehicle in 2018/19, more than one every three days.

In 2017/18, the worst-offending vehicle received 133, the highest in the last five years.

In 2014/15, the highest number of Parking Notice Charges (PCNs) to one vehicle was 71. In 2015/16, it was 67, and in 2016/17 it was 85.

According to Croydon Council’s website, “Charges for penalty charge notices range from £60 to £130. Discounts for early payments are usually available.” 

If 2019’s most fined vehicle was charged at the highest end of the fee range, the owner may have faced £17,160 in fines. If they paid promptly and were charged the lowest fee, they would have paid £3,960.

In addition, the findings made through a Freedom of Information request showed that the council provides 23,130 on-street parking spaces and 1,574 off-street parking spaces in Croydon. 

A Croydon Council spokesperson said, “Parking restrictions are enforced to keep roads safe and keep traffic moving. Drivers who do not obey restrictions will be fined, but can still receive a 50 per cent discount if they pay within a fortnight.

“Any vehicle that repeatedly flouts parking restrictions will be issued a fine on each occasion.”