233% Rise In Liverpool’s Spice Related Crime Figures

Spice related crimes in the city of Liverpool have risen from 9 to 30 per year since 2015.

By Jasmine, 15, and Stefano, 15, Liverpool · September 30, 2019

Liverpool saw more crimes related to the drug spice in 2018 than over the last three years combined, with an overall increase of 233%.

According to an FOI report sourced by media literacy charity The Student View, 9 spice related crimes were committed in the city in 2015, compared to a total of 30 in 2018. 

Pic: Pixabay / timajo

In 2018, the average age of those committing spice related crimes was 27.

Liverpool Council did not respond to request for comment on this story.

Why did students cover this story?

Jasmine, 15, and Stefano, 15, from Liverpool, said they chose this topic because “Drug abuse causes many problems and has caused many incidents linked to taking drugs. It is important for us to raise awareness of these problems.”