25% Decline In Drug Possession Charges In Bournemouth

The town has seen a drop in charges for drug possession over recent years.

By Olivia, 14, Jenna, 14, Bournemouth · November 19, 2019

In Bournemouth, the number of young people being charged with drug possession offences has dropped by 25% over the past four years.

According to Dorset Police, while there were 79 drug possession charges for under-25s in 2015, this figure had fallen to 59 charges in 2018. 

Pic: Unsplash/Belinda Fewings

While there was a sharp increase between 2014 and 2015, with 66 charges of possession rising to 79, each year since as seen a steady decline.  

The data was sourced by the media literacy charity The Student View.