3 Proven Ways That Video Gaming Is Good For You

People have always been discouraged from gaming by being told it is not good for them, but is this a myth?

By Ghaureish, London · March 15, 2019

child video game

Pic: Unsplash Creative Commons / Annie Spratt

Video games have never really received the recognition that they truly deserved. This article looks to change that by exploring the various benefits of playing them.

Improves hand-eye coordination

Gaming has always been accused of making people’s eyesight worse, but did you know that gaming improves hand-eye coordination? This skill is very important as it can be used to catch things, write better, type faster and to have more control in general. Gaming improves this skill because players need to view the screen while using the controller. Learning how to perform this skill allows those who play video games to have a significant advantage over those who don’t play video games.



Teaches perseverance

Perseverance is what helps us become better people. It’s the thing that allows us to overcome obstacles in life. Gaming teaches perseverance by encouraging players to retry a level that they struggle with. Children need to be taught to worker harder and try again even when they are not good at something. Essentially, they must learn to improve to get better results.


Enhances memory

When playing a video game that interests you, you use both your visual and audial memory. Every time a person plays a new game, they have to remember the controls of that certain game, and they have to retain this information throughout the entirety of the game. The game creates an interesting and mesmerising experience for the gamer, which releases chemicals in the brain called dopamine. This aids with enhancing a person’s memory whether it is long term or short term.

Overall, video games are not all bad! In fact, video gaming in some ways can be beneficial.