3 Reasons Why Physical Education Classes Should Be Mixed-Gender

Many people, including myself, feel as though the segregation is unfair.

By Caitlyn, London · April 3, 2019

Pic: Pexels Creative Commons / Snapwire

Here is why I believe that physical education classes should be mixed-gender.

1. Similar abilities between boys and girls

From personal experience, I have found that some boys and girls share the same abilities. However, due to gender stereotypes, girls are usually seen as less able, strong and athletic. Issues often arise about this topic, and I have to say I think it should be talked about more! I feel as though some girls have the ability to play certain sports with boys and even compete against them.



2. Changes from the primary school environment

In most primary schools, mixed-gender physical education classes are in motion. This means that the segregation of the genders doesnt happen until secondary school.

This can affect people who aim to take physical education as a GCSE, as their decision can be changed based on the proposition of ending up in a mixed class once again. If the mixed-gender classes were kept in motion, this would restrict the fear of being in a mixed class once more, as the student will have adapted to this environment already.



3. Gender identity issues

If a student is struggling with their gender identity, they can be affected by their gender separation because they may not fit within the norms of society. This could make the student feel extremely uncomfortable and they may consider truanting the lesson or even school. This can have a detrimental effect on their educational and social relations.