3 Undeniable Reasons Cats Are Better Than Dogs

Dog people believe that dogs are better pets than cats, because they care about you, unlike cats, who only care about the food and shelter we give them. Today I’m here to disprove that theory.

By Abdulkarim, London · July 2, 2019

Pic: Unsplash / Elvira Visser 

Cats are cheaper than dogs

Over the course of their life, cats cost less than dogs. Although pedigree breeds of cats can be expensive, adoption fees for cats are generally lower than dogs.

Dogs also need walks every single day to keep them healthy. That could be costly if you are a busy person, and you need to hire someone to walk them for you. On the other hand, cats don’t need to be walked, they are content in staying in the house just eating and sleeping.

Cats toys are very cheap and can be made by hand, while dogs tend to destroy their toys, and their toys can be expensive to keep replacing!



Cats take up less space than dogs

Cats are naturally smaller than most dogs. So, if you don’t have the expenses to buy a specialised bed for your pet or a playing area, then cats are your best bet. I don’t know about you, but I would rather share my own bed with a cat than a Bulldog or a Spaniel!



Cats are quieter than dogs

Cats don’t bark, yap or howl, unlike dogs! People who own dogs know that they are vocal animals; every time a car passes by, dogs start barking and potentially disturb both you and your neighbour. On the other hand, cats are stealthy animals and aren’t very vocal. I am not counting the occasional meowing and cute purring, of course!