3 Ways Our Marvel Heroes Could Have Won In Avengers: Infinity War

This action-packed Marvel movie sees most of franchises characters come together to try and defeat a massive universal threat.

By Nana, London · April 3, 2019

Pic: Unsplash Creative Commons / Elijah-O-Donnell

Was there a way these characters could have won, and not lost?

1. Thor Missed His Opportunity

In one scene in the movie, Thor Odin son (God of Thunder) uses his new weapon Storm Breaker to strike Thanos  (an evil tyrant in pursuit of the powerful infinity stones to destroy half of the universe) in the chest and try and kill him. Unfortunately, Thanos had the reality stone which revived him. I think that because Thanos had the infinity stones on his left arm, Thor should have cut off his arm off so that Thanos couldn’t use the stones.



2. Star Lord messed up

In one scene in the movie, most of The Guardians of the Galaxy (another Marvel movie) characters and some of the Avengers were on Thanos’s home planet, Titan. They had retained the evil tyrant. While they were attempting to remove the gauntlet and had nearly succeeded, Thanos revealed the truth that he had killed Gomora. Gomora was his adopted daughter, a Guardian and Star Lord’s girlfriend). As a result, Star Lord went ballistic and attacked Thanos, causing him to be set free.



3. Doctor Strange made a mistake

On Titan, Thanos was threatening to kill Tony Stark, who is also known as Ironman. Doctor Strange traded the time stone for Tony’s life. I think that this was stupid, because he put the life of one man before the lives of millions of others.