England Could Win The 2020 Euros Thanks To These Recent Developments

The England football team has been mocked in memes ever since the embarrassing defeat to Iceland in the 2016 Euros, however this season of English football is a ray of hope for us supporters.

By Joshua, London · May 14, 2019

Pic: Pexels / Israel França

The England football team has been mocked in memesever since the embarrassing defeat to Iceland in the 2016 Euros, however this season of English football is a ray of hopefor us supporters.

1. We have Raheem Sterling

We all knew that Raheem Sterling was good, however this season he has shown a new level of skill and maturity on and off the pitch.

Raheem speaks out against the increasing rate of racism in football for himself and young black footballers, whilst bagging hat-tricks for both England and Man City this season. With 15 goals and nine assists in 28 appearances in the Premier League, Sterling looks ready to take England to glory. Despite his ongoing criticism since his £50 million move to the Etihad from Liverpool, the 24-year-old winger has silenced his haters and become an icon in world football.


3. The cubs are roaring

The 18/19 season has produced the best young talent from the country in a very long time. The most known breakthrough youngster this season is Jadon Sancho. The 19-year-old’s search for first team football is a clear success as he leads the Bundesliga in assists with 13, along with a total of 8 impressive goals.

Chelsea winger Callum Hudson-Odoihas also shown impressive spells. He also made his debut for England at the age of 18.

These are just two members of the long list of homegrown talent waiting for their chance. The future is very bright indeed.

3. “It’s Coming Home”

In an impressive run in the 2018 World Cup, the Lions managed to secure a semi-final finish after a heart-breaking defeat to Croatia.

However, I believe this has changed our “England are going to bottle it” mentality to “We can do even better next time”.

Momentum is on our side and with the UEFA Nations League semi-final approaching, if we can perform on that stage, we are set to impress in the next international competitions.

4. Gareth is on the wheel

Ever since Gareth Southgate was appointed as the England manager, the development and success of the team has drastically improved. He has the experience as a former England player, and also knows how to give young players a chance, in comparison to Premier League managers. The players seem happy under his role. Player Jesse Lingard has been quoted as saying,“It feels like a new revolution. The manager has come in with great ideas, great ideas in the way he wants us to play. The formation suits us perfectly”.

The chemistry between players and manager is vital in a team, and the chemistry is looking strong.