4 Reasons Why You Should Watch The Movie ‘Legend’

More people should experience this movie, the impressive CGI and the genius directing skills of Brian Helgeland.

By Liam, London · May 20, 2019

Pic: YouTube / YouTube Movies / Legend

1. It gives a view on the life of the notorious Kray twins

Legend is a movie directed by Brian Helgeland, about the lives of the notorious gangsters the Kray twins. They were two brothers who ruled most of London during the height of their careers. It goes into a fair amount of depth when discussing the life of one specific Kray, Reginald ‘Reggie’ Kray. The story revolves around Reggie’s conflicted life, from his gangster background to his wife Frances wanting him to leave that behind and settle down with her. Unfortunately, Ronald ‘Ron’ Kray dislikes Reggie’s attempt to leave his past behind… but to say any more on this would be a spoiler!

2. The use of CGI

The Kray twins were played by a single actor, Tom Hardy, who intermittently switched between the twins to give them a more realistic effect instead of having one a figment of CGI and the other a normal person. This creates a seamless transition between CGI and reality and allows movements to look more real even when in animated form. The scenes with both twins appear to be two different people playing the roles but in fact, it is only one person thanks to the excellent special effects involved.



3. The actors

In Legend there are a lot of actors employed to fill the roles of the people in the Kray’s lives, the most notable being Tom Hardy as the Kray twins, Emily Browning as Frances Shea and Christopher Eccleston as Nipper Read. Each actor carefully and expertly portrayed these characters in their roles making them seemingly come to back to life on the silver screen.

4. Character development

At the beginning of the movie, there is a broader overview of the Kray’s lives narrated by Emily Browning, who plays Frances Shea. It showed a basic view of the Kray’s empire and what they did to stay at the top and maintain control over London.

As the story moves on, it is explained in more detail who the brothers were, Ron was an openly homosexual man amidst the persecution of the 1960s. It also delves into the intricate troubles that the lifestyles of the Kray twins brought them. By the end, the viewer will feel embedded in their lives.

I highly recommend you give it a watch (if you’re over the age of 15!)