4 Reasons You Should Give Anime A Try

Not only is anime relatable, but it is also full of life lessons and mature messages. It provides you with preparation for the outside world.

By Fardowsa, London · May 21, 2019

Pic: Unsplash/ Mali Maeder

1. Powerful female protagonists and deuteragonist

In general society, females are seen as weaklings and ‘baby machines’. This is not the case in anime. They are often the protagonist or at the very least the deuteragonist, which means the character of most importance after the protagonist. This is a refreshing portrayal of women and how successful and powerful they can be.

2. More relatable than shows like ‘Friends’

Even though anime it is animated it doesn’t mean that it is unrealistic. Anyone watching a story or tale involving courage, perseverance and strength through a stressful time can relate.



3. Action

The plots of anime allow the action to run smoothly within the story. Magic duels, large robots, fighting against demons -there’s a lot of action to encapsulate and enchant you. In anime, there is no existence of restrictions, so the characters can do stunts that no ordinary human can. This makes the battle scenes all the more enthralling.

4. Innumerable possibilities

One of the significant things about anime is that it isn’t confined to a certain idea. The characters explore a variety of worlds and places. The majority of anime shows explore the genre of fantasy, so the characters could be mathematicians or have a special power!