4 Ways To Achieve A Billie Eilish Look

Often, when celebrities become famous they forget who they are, but Billie has stayed true to herself.

By Fowsia, London · April 19, 2019

billie eilish

Pic: YouTube / Billie Eilish: Same Interview, One Year Apart | Vanity Fair

The singer has an inspirational attitude and style. Here are four ways you can achieve her cool look.

1. Comfy and Clean Fashion

One thing we can all agree on is that in all Billie Eilish pictures she looks comfortable in her clothes. Most are baggy sweatpants with a sweatshirt that are usually the same colour or pattern, but Billie adds a contrasting colour to separate the colour scheme. Gold hooped earrings and chains add that classical Billie look. Going for the same look? Don’t forget to act moody when taking pictures!




We know that Billie loves big baggy clothes, but many of these clothes are created by the artist called Tsuwoop. Billie Eilish blurs the line of masculinity and femininity as she wears clothes that both genders wear often. To get the baggy clothes, look to find something cute and get it two sizes bigger!

3. Make Up

Billie Eilish’s make up is always subtle but unique. Most of the times she is very laid back when it comes to make up. She uses a light coverage of concealer and fills in her eyebrows. On other occasions, she creates a pop of colour in her eyes by either using blue eyeliner or bright coloured eyeshadow.



4. Billie Eilish Hair

I can gladly say that I’ve been there for most of the Billie Eilish hair colour changes, from a washed out teal to grey to dark blue with silver undertones. Most of the time she wears her hair either all down or half up half down. To create this look without committing to the colour, you can buy washable hair colour at a shop like Boots or Superdrug.