5 Important Reasons Why You Should Care For The Environment

The short-sighted among us have not yet realised the grave consequences of their actions.

By Javeria, London · March 20, 2019


Pic: Pexels Creative Commons / Pixabay

If there is a problem in a country with environmental issues, it is not just that country’s problem. It needs to be acknowledged by everyone. If the world is suffering every person should take into account the facts that are being pushed aside.

It’s not just our world

There are 8.7 million species in the world, but hundreds of species are being lost almost every year. Human behaviour has resulted in the loss of species. Arguments state that people come first but humans have only been around for 0.004 percent of the world’s existence. Mammals have been here since 200 million years ago, but because of us, animals are losing their homes. Fish came around 530 million years ago but now we pollute their ocean and get them trapped in plastic. It isn’t just our world when really we have seized it from those who were here before us.




With the earth heating up it will result in the melting of glaciers. It is estimated that Mt Kilimanjaro has lost 80 percent of its snow. When the ice melts there will be an increase in sea levels – about a tenth of an inch per year – and this rapid increase is becoming concerning. With these high sea levels and eroding coasts, flooding is a risk. Flooding can prove disastrous to a country and can cause chaos in the lives of individuals. By reducing global warming hopefully, we reduce this risk and are able to continue in our familiar environments.

​​​​​​Seasonal changes 

It is believed that global warming would cause a change in the seasons. In temperate areas, people would find the seasons becoming longer and would experience more precipitation. But areas in the world that are less temperate would have less rain and would become much hotter. Scientists say that changes experienced depend on the country they are in and the climate of that area. There are many more consequences and for everyone’s wellbeing, we should try to help the globe as much as we can.




With climate change, animals will migrate to areas which better suit them. With these animals will also be those who will spread disease and parasites. Animals such as mosquitos which carry mosquito-borne malaria and a version of the Zika virus.

Losing fresh water

A result of climate change could be the changing quality and ease of access to our water. Fresh water is a necessity for all humans. If the Quelccaya ice cap continues to melt all the people who rely on it for fresh water and electricity will have to live without that. They would also have to find another source which would be a difficult task.