5 Reasons Why Minecraft Is An Amazing Survival Game

In the game you must use your knowledge to do what you think will get you ahead.

By Thikal, London · May 12, 2020

Pic: Shutterstock

Minecraft is a survival game used by millions of users worldwide, and is affordable to buy for various platforms, including PS4, XBox and PC. 

For education

Minecraft has an education edition which can be used in classrooms. Teachers build their own world explaining their subject. Then, students have to explore and learn new things. The main concept of the game is survival which is the key to life, although not all aspects of the game follow this path.

For memory capacity 

The game includes over 100 recipes which you can only put together in a specific order, meaning you have to memorise all of them if you want to get the best result. You can also memorise the places you visited as this knowledge can help later in the game.

For creativity 

There are a vast range of items and ‘blocks’ you can get in Minecraft, meaning you can create and build many structures and buildings that might be to your interest. There is also a creative mode where you can get an infinite number of items!

For improving social skills

There are many social events and activities for Minecraft such as servers which you can play with your friend. These servers can have mods which enhance your game to be better and possibly more fun and competitive. Many people from different platforms of social media use Minecraft to show each other how to do things or to just entertain people. There is also a day called Minecon every year where the developers talk about the game’s newest updates coming sooner or later.

For fun

The game is fun as you can play with your friends, and you can go in a creative movement and do whatever you want.