5 Reasons Why You Should Exercise Regularly

Exercise isn’t all about losing weight - it’s fun too. It improves health and makes you fit physically and mentally!

By Nour, London · March 20, 2019


Pic: Pexels Creative Commons / burst

This issue is important to me because I enjoy doing sports and I think other people should enjoy it too!

People should do around an hour of exercise daily and here’s why.

Healthy weight

The most well-known benefit of exercise is weight control. Exercise burns calories which helps you maintain a healthy weight. Although intense exercise will burn more calories, simple exercise such as walking has a positive impact on your weight.



Accomplish something!

Exercise really helps people with depression and low self-esteem. Exercise gives people a sense of accomplishment and pride at having achieved a goal – like beating an old time in skipping. Also, if you join a team, like your school netball team, for example, you will feel like you are part of something important which will fill you with pride. You would be socialising with old friends, and new ones too!

Be fit

Exercise keeps you healthy. Regular exercise increases your level of fitness which boosts your immune system and makes you more resistant to illnesses like a cold. Exercise might just be your ticket to getting through flu season in one piece.



Coffee or exercise

Regular exercise gives you energy. Exercise can help oxygen move more easily throughout your body and gives you a burst of energy to get you through your day, unlike coffee, which leaves you crashing at a certain time when the caffeine runs out.

Releases stress

Many people use exercise to relieve stress. As you work out, your body releases endorphins, or “feel-good” hormones, that reduce tension and stress. If you are feeling stressed about an exam, do some exercise to help you relax.