50% More Knife Crime In Doncaster In Five Years

Doncaster experienced over 200 incidents of knife crime last year, up from 135 knife-related crimes in 2015.

By Anon, Doncaster · May 1, 2020

Knife crime in Doncaster has increased from 135 to 204 incidents over the last five years.

The data was sourced by the media literacy charity The Student View following a Freedom of Information request submitted to South Yorkshire Police.

The data revealed that the 135 crimes in 2015 rose to 221 the following year, and again to 229 in 2017. There was a slight drop in 2018, to 210, and a further small drop in 2019. Last year saw 204 incidents in the town.

Of the 221 incidents in 2016, 80 people were charged. However, of the 204 incidents of 2019, nearly half the amount were charged, at 43.

On 31 occasions in 2019, the crime was confirmed but the victim either declined supporting the police investigation to identify the offender, or were unable too for another reason. There were no instances on this in 2014.

In a further 45 occasions, the victim did not support, or withdrew support, from police action.

In contrast, this occurred just 12 times in 2014.In September 2019, South Yorkshire Police supported Operation Sceptre, described on their website as “a national week of police activity aimed at reducing knife crime and the number of families affected by it.”