6 Effective Ways To Calm An Anxiety Attack

As a teenager living in the 21st century, I personally suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. Here is a list of tips that helped me.

By Ellen, London · April 10, 2019


Pic: Pexels/ Rogério Martins

When suffering from panic attacks and anxiety, I didn’t know how to deal with them and struggled for years. I eventually used tips online to help me.

1. Deep Breaths

Breathing seems really obvious but it really does work! Eventually, the rhythmic breaths will tune you back into reality. Having a panic attack tends to make you feel like you are drifting away from sounds, so breathing should benefit you. Try making your inhales and exhales last around 3 seconds, and count this in your head.

2. Music

Sometimes background music helps too. I suggest artists like Khai Dreams, Sagun and Puma Blue. Their songs have a beautiful sound and relax your mind as you listen in your earphones. Make a playlist on your phone and keep ear/headphones with you in case you need them.


3. Talking

Talking to a friend or loved one is seriously underrated. Letting out how you feel to a person you trust can lead them to understand how they could help. Or just someone to talk to in your time of need. People tend to understand your situation and you can get more support from family and friends. You could also have scheduled appointments with doctors or counsellors.



4. Sugary Snacks

Panic attacks can seriously drain your energy. Even though you may feel like eating is the last thing you want to do, having a piece of chocolate or a biscuit can really boost your energy. Also having some water or an energy drink can help with dehydration.

5. Trigger Notes

Most panic attacks are caused by something. Writing down the situation (time, place, etc.) can help you remember to avoid a particular situation that can trigger you.

My anxiety can be triggered by feeling unsafe, being in an uncomfortable situation and getting bad news.

Having a notebook based on your panic attacks can help to be more organised too. Try colour coding and stickers too!



6. Walk Away

In a situation where you feel you can’t handle it anymore, walk away. Whether it’s talking in front of your class or being in an enclosed space, just leave. Don’t worry, you can explain to people later on. Find a safe place where you can sit down and feel relaxed. At that certain moment, all you need to do is focus on yourself and your mental health.