66 Frontline Mental Health Jobs Unoccupied In Bradford

NHS jobs go empty in the city of Bradford.

By Junaid, 14, and Zohaib, 14, Bradford · September 30, 2019

A Freedom of Information report from Bradford District NHS Foundation Care Trust has revealed that there are 66 unoccupied frontline mental health NHS jobs across Bradford. 

Responding in May, the Trust had 66.54 whole time equivalent jobs unoccupied on the frontline, of which none were in the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS).

Pic: Unsplash / Dan Meyers

In May, the waiting list for CAMHS in Bradford, from GP referral to seeing someone, was 15 weeks long, meaning that someone referred at the start of May would have been seen at the beginning of September. 

NHS England declined to comment on this story.

Why did students cover this story?

Junaid, 14, and Zohaib, 14, Bradford, said of The Student View project, “We learnt about what the Freedom of Information Act is, and about mental health and jobs that are unoccupied in the field. It was exciting changing data from just a bunch of numbers to something people can actually read.”