999 Suicide-Related Calls In Leeds Up 222% In 5 Years

Emergency services in Leeds received nearly 13,000 calls referencing suicide since 2014.

By Alex and Tyler, Leeds · June 3, 2020

This story has been published in partnership with: The Yorkshire Post
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999 calls in Leeds which mention suicide are up 222% since 2014.

Data from West Yorkshire Police shows that calls with ‘SUICID’ in the log text have risen from 1,332 in 2014/15 to 4,286 in 2018/19.

SUICID may have referred to the words suicide or suicidal.

1,826 calls referring to SUICID were recorded in 2015/16, followed by 2,354 in 2016/17. There were a further 3,066 in 2017/18.

In total, there were 12,829 incidents recorded over five years in Leeds which included SUICID in the log text.

The data was sourced via a Freedom of Information request submitted by the media literacy charity The Student View.

West Yorkshire Police declined to comment on these findings.

If you are experiencing difficulties that you think may be related to your mental health, please seek help. Call NHS 111, or click here for support from The Samaritans, or here for support from Mind.