Adults Must Vaccinate Their Kids

There is a growing community of ‘anti-vaxxers’, which is becoming a huge concern.

By Kenzie, London · April 16, 2019


Pic: Pixabay / Rilsonav fr

Anti-vaxxers are coming up with the most preposterous ideas about vaccines, which are not based on facts. Let me set the record straight.

The debate on autism

In 1988, a study from Dr Wakefield claimed that the MMR vaccine (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) caused autism. Wakefield claimed that he based this on the fact that the vaccine was introduced, the autism rate increased.

However, as any scientist with the least amount of intelligence should know, correlation is not causation. Dr Wakefield work has been completely disproved and he was struck off as a doctor.

Yet in spite of this, there are still people who are scared that their kid will get autism.

Natural immunity isn’t better

There have also been ideas circling around the anti-vax community that it’s better to let your child get the disease naturally so that their immune system gets stronger.

This doesn’t make the immune system stronger at all, especially when compared to vaccination. The only difference is that vaccines don’t have a mortality rate.

A vaccine works by injecting an inactive or dead pathogen into the body, which causes the immune system to react the same to how it would with a live disease. The pathogen is then remembered by the body so that if it encounters the live disease it can attack before the body is impacted.



The child becomes a threat

By not vaccinating, you and your family aren’t the only one affected. There are people who have severe allergies to the contents of vaccines and some with failing immune systems, so they can’t be vaccinated. If you aren’t vaccinated. you could be carrying the disease without knowing, and giving it to someone not healthy enough to survive the disease.

While you get a choice, this would mean that not only did you not protect your child, you may also be responsible for the death or harming of a stranger.

Vaccinate your children; there is no reason not to.