Camden’s Education Budget Flat Lines Over Five Year Period

There has been no significant rise in the educational budget for the London borough since 2014.

By Nathaniel, 14, and Gwyneth, 15, London · October 1, 2019

Camden Council’s education budget has been flat-lining for the last five years, according to a Freedom of Information request filed by media literacy charity The Student View. 

Pic: Unsplash / Santi Vedri

652 more pupils per year

The findings show that there has been no significant rise in the educational budget of Camden Council since 2014. The council teaches 3% more pupils now than in 2014, 652 more pupils each year, despite funds having risen 1.8%. 

Budgets at their lowest ever

The budget also decreased to its lowest ever during this period, to £158.442 million in 2016/17, as the number of students taught increased to its largest during this 5-year period, at 22,574 young people: a budget of around £7,000 per pupil, including those taught in pupil referral units and special schools.

The estimated budget for 2018/2019 is £161.494 million, used to teach 22,376 pupils across the borough in 2018.

Camden Council declined to comment on these figures.

Why did students cover this story?

Nathaniel, 14, and Gwyneth, 15, London said that they chose this because, “we are students and we care about our education. We feel that this information is very important to us as school students like us are being deprived of what is truly going on behind the scenes of our education system.”