Children’s Mental Health: Vacancies Equivalent To 70 Full Time Staff

The NHS Trust responsible for mental health services in Southwark has vacancies for the equivalent of 70 full-time members of staff.

By Anon, Southwark · June 9, 2020

child sitting with bear

The NHS Trust responsible for mental health services for children and young people in Southwark has vacancies equivalent to almost 70 full-time members of staff.

Most of the vacancies are for psychologists with shortages equivalent to 33.64 full-time members of staff.

Art therapists and social workers have the highest turnover of staff with more than 30 percent of staff leaving in the last financial year.

Due to these staff shortages, children and young people are waiting for an average of 15 weeks for an appointment with a mental health specialist.

This was revealed following a Freedom of Information request by literacy charity The Student View to the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust.

If you are experiencing difficulties that you think may be related to your mental health, please seek help. Call NHS 111, or click here for support from The Samaritans, or here for support from Mind.