Clean Sleeping: What Is It And How Do You Get It?

Your surroundings and set up can have a big impact on how much kip you get.

By Mercedes, London · June 3, 2019

Pic: Unsplash / Zohre Nemati

What makes good quality sleep?

In order to get to sleep, you need your atmosphere to be calm and to limit as much light as possible. This light might be from your phone, window or lamp. Your brain makes a chemical called melatonin, which makes you want to sleep. This only happens when the room is dark.

You will also want to decrease loud noises around you. The only sound that could be useful to you is white noise. White noise is used to stop other sounds from distracting you. This type of noise is mainly used on newborn babies, as it is very relaxing.



How much sleep should you be getting?

How much sleep you require depends on your age. If you are of 6-13 you will need 9-11 hours of sleep. This is compared to if you are a teenager. This age group need 8-10 hours. When you are younger you need more sleep because being sleep deprived can affect your health. Overall productivity can also reduce.

How does sleeping benefit you?

Sleeping helps your brain to function properly in terms of creative, productive and mental focus. Sleep also helps you emotionally. A bad night’s sleep can affect your mood and even make you feel depressed. Believe it or not, massive sleep deprivation is so serious that it can cause death. This because the brain needs to rest and does this while you sleep.