Could We Live In The Modern World Without Mobile Phones?

Phones are one of the most important, if not the most important, things in our lives. Without them, would we truly be able to live in the modern world?

By Leo, London · March 18, 2019

Pic: Pixabay Creative Commons / Marcino

1. Our phones are filled with apps and tools we need

Ever since mobile phones were created, we have made them the centre of our lives. We pretty much use them for anything and everything. That includes phone calls, texts, social media, games, plus many, many, more things. They also help to guide us to places we need to go with apps like Google Maps. Not to mention things like the calculator and calendar tools.


2. We’d be cut off from friends and a social life

If you didn’t have a phone, it would be much, much harder to communicate with friends. This is especially true if they are in another country or city. You would also not be able to see what people in the world are doing, read the news or learn about important things that are happening in society. Of course, you could adapt to using something else to get this information, like a tablet or a computer. But first, you would need a source of internet which is hard to find, unless the device can take a SIM card or you have a portable WiFi device. These, however, can be very expensive.


3. Not having a phone can put you at risk

If you don’t have a phone, then you can’t call the police or ambulance if you are into trouble a or an accident occurs. If you are someone who lives in a poorly lit area or is just walking through one at night, you can’t use the flashlight function, and you could get lost.