Croydon Children Aged 10-15 Caught Carrying Knives 178 Times

Children in Croydon were caught carrying knives 178 times from 2015 to 2019, with another 118 instances of them using them to commit crimes.

By Jayquan, Croydon · May 12, 2020

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Data from the Metropolitan Police shows that children aged 10-15 were caught carrying knives 178 times in Croydon in the last five years.

It also revealed that more 16 to 19-year-olds were arrested for carrying a knife than any other age group between 2015 and 2019.

The number of people caught carrying knives across all age groups rose and fell between 2015 and 2019: 2015 saw 121 offences, which rose to a peak of 189 in 2017, before it then fell to 133 in 2019.

Counts of people proceeded against for using a knife were also shown in the data. Over five years, 118 children aged 10-15 were proceeded against, resulting in 100 charges and a variety of other outcomes. 193 16 to 20-year-olds were also proceeded against.

Over the five year period, 208 individuals aged 16-19 were found to be carrying knives, in contrast to 142 20-24-year olds.

Figures drop off significantly for those aged 25 and over: 57 25 to 29-year-olds and 34 30 to 34-year-olds were found to be carrying knives between 2015 and 2019. 

The findings were made by the media literacy charity The Student View.

A spokesperson for the Met Police said “Bearing down on violent crime continues to be a priority.

“Recently the Met deployed a range of enforcement and preventative tactics to reduce knife crime and wider violence in the capital under Operation Sceptre, which saw over 800 arrests made, 121 knives recovered and 480 seizures including Class A and B drugs among stolen property.

“Our officers continue to focus on the places where violence occurs, and are targeting the most prolific high-harm offenders and habitual knife carriers. Deterring and dealing with those in criminality, conducting intelligence-led stop and search, weapons sweeps and deploying knife arches in violence hot spots.

“In addition to reassuring our communities, keeping people safe, keeping the peace, responding when people need us and providing the best possible public service.

“We are and will continue to work tirelessly to identify and pursue offenders, help bring perpetrators to justice, take weapons off the street, support victims, engage and reassure the public, and keep our communities safe.”

Speaking on local communities, the spokesperson added “we ask our communities to work with us, continue to report crime and familiarise themselves with the many different ways they can contact us in non-emergency situations, such as using our website. This will help free officers and call handlers to attend to those who need us the most.

“Anyone with information about crime can contact independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. It is independent of police and is 100% anonymous. They never ask your name and cannot trace your call. If you or someone you know is involved in knife crime and you want help or support, visit Knife Free.”