Do You Know What’s Actually In Your Food?

You may think you know what is in your food and drinks... but are you sure?

By Qaaliyah, London · April 3, 2019


Pic: Unsplash Creative Commons / Peter Secan

Education is important and it starts the race for a good life. Imagine sitting in class and trying your hardest to focus and take in all the information needed. You have a juice drink, thinking nothing of it. Well, this could cause your education to break down and crumble into a million pieces!

Why? Let me explain….

Many people think they know what’s in their food and drinks, but they don’t realise that there are a lot of added substance and chemicals also. While these are often in food to keep it fresh when it is on the shelf,  over time these chemicals could become harmful.

Your food

A lot of young people and even adults buy fast food. This will be affecting them more than they think it is. Fast food is cheap, for example, one piece of chicken and chips is £1.50 to £2.00 in most local fast food shops today. This cheap price encourages more people to chose these unhealthy meals instead of healthier options. However, fast food can cause obesity and heart attacks, which could affect your life massively.



Your drinks

“Sugar-free“ sounds healthy, right? But did you know that sugar-free drinks contain sweeteners? Some studies have suggested that they can affect your brain and eventually cause dementia. Aspartame is one of the most common sweeteners in drinks today. So, always check what drinking so that you don’t ruin your future.



So, the next time you buy fast food or sugary drinks, think again!