Gender Discrimination And Misogyny Are Far From Over In The UK

Many females across the globe suffer and struggle from misogyny, whether that be thinly disguised or totally blatant. When will society finally recognise our hard work and dedication?

By Fardowsa, London · July 2, 2019

Misogyny is an ingrained hatred or dislike of females, which can manifest in many different ways, including male privilege, hostility and gender discrimination. Gender discrimination is when a person is treated poorly or differently just because of their gender.

Some females do not notice it at first sight, but once we do, we start to doubt ourselves. Our self-confidence vanishes into thin air.

In the UK and many countries around the globe, females are seen as being in the shadow of males, which shows you a chauvinist rejection of female success. Females are generally regarded as the ‘opposite of men’, meaning they are perceived as weak, unconfident, and dependent. These are labels given by ignorant people who see females as just ‘baby machines’ and think that we deserve to stay at home and rely on a male partner.

Some people argue that gender equality does exist in modern day society, but if that were the case, then why does a ‘gender pay gap’ also exists? In the UK it is said that women and men are considered the same, yet when a male and female do the same job for the same hours and time, why do men get paid more than females?

So if women are continuously going to be presented and seen inferior to others, when will we get to be heard? When will society finally recognise our hard work and dedication?

I don’t know the answer to that, but a valuable lesson I learnt was that if you don’t love yourself, why do you expect someone else to? There will always be people out there who hate on you but remember they only hate because they envy you and want to achieve what you have. If they are too busy and keen on ruining what you have, then they will forget about themselves.

Women need to speak out loud and stand up like the strong females they are. We must gain the equality we not only need but deserve. If you stay silent, how will your thoughts be heard? How will change be made?