Harrow Council Doesn’t Know Costs Of Climate Change Adaption

Harrow Council pledged to be carbon neutral by 2030, but hasn't discussed details in committee yet.

By Anon, Harrow · May 18, 2020

Pic: Shutterstock

Harrow Council has not started discussions on climate change adaptation costs, despite pledging to be carbon neutral by 2030.

In a statement, the body said “the issue of budget and additional resources for delivering the council’s pledge to be carbon neutral by 2030 hasn’t yet been discussed in detail through the Council’s Climate Change steering group meetings with the Cabinet members.”

As a result, they were unable to provide any further information.

The council currently estimates that becoming carbon neutral will cost £44 million, but in a statement made to The Student View, added that: “it is only an estimated amount and could be much less if the government invests in green gas and electricity supplies.”

The findings were made by the media literacy charity The Student View, following a Freedom of Information request. 

Why did students choose this topic?

Students said: “We picked climate change because it’s an important subject that is badly affecting modern society. If the situation isn’t improved, if not stopped altogether, it will badly damage the world we live in. With the information we have received, we’ve learnt that the council is not yet financially prepared to execute a plan they have already promised.”