Hike In Littering Fines Issued In Harrow

A total of 2,140 more fines for littering were issued in 2019 than in 2015 when 4,073 penalty notices were handed out by Harrow Borough Council.

By Anon, Harrow · June 4, 2020

trash bin

Harrow Borough Council issued 26,285 fines for littering and flytipping between 2015 and 2019, new data can reveal.

The council issued 6,213 fixed penalty notices with a £100 fine to those found not disposing of waste responsibly last year.

This was 2,140 more fines than five years earlier when 4,073 penalty notices were handed out by council officers.

The council spent £4.5 million on collecting rubbish in Harrow last year despite their income being cut by £1.9 million.

Harrow Borough Council has been approached for a comment but none were received before publication.

The findings were made by the media literacy charity The Student View following the submission of a Freedom of Information request to Harrow Borough Council.