Homeless Men Found Dead Inside Vans In Harrow

Council-funded funerals were provided for both men, aged 45 and 59.

By Diba, 14, and Radhiya, 14, London · October 2, 2019

Two homeless people have been found dead inside vans in Harrow over the past three years, FOI documents confirm.

Pic: Unsplash / Mihály Köles

Council-funded funerals

The two men, aged 45 and 59, were Polish and Romanian respectively. Both were found dead inside separate vans in the Harrow area since 2016, and had council-funded funerals. 

The 45-year-old old Polish national died in March of 2017, while the 59-year-old Romanian national died in June 2016. It is not known why they were both inside vans at the time of their deaths, whether if that is where they were living or for another reason.

Limited data

Harrow Council were only able to provide data in the instance of deceased homeless individuals for whom they had provided funerals.

Harrow Metropolitan Police declined to comment on the first death as it was classed as non-suspicious, and the second death as they could not find a trace of the incident on their systems.

Why did students cover this story?

Diba, 14, and Radhiya, 14, both from London, said that they chose to research this story because “homelessness in Harrow is an important issue that can bring about shocking consequences”.