How Does Exercise Promote A Long And Happy Lifestyle?

It is no secret that a healthy body and mind is crucial, and that those who take care of themselves are and will be the happiest in the future. So how does exercise help with this?

By Jade, London · July 16, 2019

Pic: Unsplash / Seth Macey 

Advantages of exercising

It is said that 15 minutes of exercise a day is the bare minimum for the body. Fifteen minutes of exercise a day can increase life expectancy by three years and can cut your risk of early death by an average of 14%. Exercise prolongs life by keeping your brain and body active, also by eating healthy!



How does healthy eating contribute?

It is thought that happy people tend to have healthier diets. A study done on 7,000 adults in the UK found that those with positive, happy well-being were more prone to consume large amounts of fruit and vegetables. As well as making improvements in physical health, fruits and vegetables also work as energy and nutrition for the brain.



Why is exercise important in modern-day society?

Exercise in modern-day society has become a type of trend. But most can agree when I say a balanced diet and physical improvements to the body help dramatically with confidence. Being in the 21st century, everybody wants to look good and be a version of their best selves and exercise is the main link to that. It has been proven that exercise improves mental well-being and physical attainment and also personal resistance. The end result of regular exercising is that you live a happy and long life as exercise promotes health and stability.

In conclusion, exercise is something that is recommended highly for things like depression and other medical issues. Overall, it promotes a long and happy lifestyle via the physical and mental accomplishments that come with it.