How To Have Great Hair

Many girls struggle with their hair or complain about it. So, learn how to love and nurture your hair properly!

By Millie, London · April 3, 2019


Pic: Unsplash Creative Commons/ nappy 

Many girls struggle with their hair or complain about it. So, read this and it will stop it happening to you.

Different products for different hair types

Different oils will affect hair. For example, some oils will make certain hair types greasy. Personally, Pantene Pro-V oils make my frizz-prone hair soft. Thankfully for me, they do not make my hair puff out. Instead, they make my hair flow downwards and make it easier to manage.

So, always remember that it is not just about the stuff you put into your hair to make it easier to manage but also the cleansers. Shampoo and conditioners are vital. You do want to make your clean but you don’t want to take away the essential oils in your hair. Therefore, you should not wash your hair more than 3 times a week.

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Hair breakage

Do not tie your hair too tight. It will cause the front of your hair to break and cause your hairline to gradually move backwards. I understand that during the day you may need to tie your hair up for school or for the gym. Therefore, to avoid breakage, you must loosen your hair at night. Additionally, you must cut your hair at least twice a year. Because if you don’t cut it the hair will ‘cut’ itself by dying and breaking off.

If you don’t believe me, on this website, professionals talk about hair breakage. They say “The breakage from ponytails makes a ‘U-shape’ around the head because of where the tension of the hair tie rubs.”



Making hairstyles look nice

We all like to have nice hairstyles but we can never find the right one. To have the perfect hairstyle you must find a hairstyle that will suit your hair type, length and colour. Some things you can’t do with dark hair because they won’t be able to be seen. Other things short hair is just too short for.

Instead, how about learning to do dutch braids, high ponytails and fishtail plates? You could also try buns, like doughnut bun or space buns. Or how about half up-half down, or even a delicate braid crown?

Click this link for 50 hairstyles, each with pictures and step by step tutorials!

You can also use these tests to find out the hair product for you. This one can help you discover your hair texture, while this one can help you find the right type of shampoo!