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What We Do


Article Publication

Publishing the work of TSV journalists sparks students’ interest in the news and encourages their peers to engage in current debates.

Teacher Training

Teachers are trained by TSV as journalists. They use these skills to facilitate the development of their school’s newsroom and raise the English attainment of their students.

The Student View Showcase

Students showcase their articles and experience of TSV programme to their year group or whole school.

Universities and TSV Speaker Series

Students have the opportunity to meet other TSV journalists from our partner schools and learn from high-profile journalists at prestigious university campuses.

Delivery Model

The Student View is an 18-week programme where students are introduced to the fundamentals of ethical journalism.

Pupil Selection

At least 50% of TSV journalists per newsroom (school) must be in receipt of the pupil premium and at risk of not making the expected English progress.