*Insert Awkward Laughter Here* Why We Laugh When We Shouldn’t

From funerals to falling over friends, why do we chuckle when we really shouldn't?

By Millie, London · April 3, 2019


Pic: Pexels Creative Commons/ Juan Mendez

First of all, you need to understand that laughter is not the same as humour. Laughter is the response to humour.

So why do I laugh at stuff that’s not funny in serious situations?

The tension that results from knowing we should not laugh makes us want to laugh even more. This can be known as nervous laughter or even fake laughter. We laugh in a nervous situation in order to reduce the stress and awkwardness.



Why do I laugh when someone gets hurt?

It might be the case that people laugh when someone gets hurt because they feel superior. For example, if your friend falls you will feel superior to them as they on the floor! Or, you might laugh because you got shocked, e.g. if they trip up in a crack in the street.



Why do I laugh at jokes that aren’t funny?

Sometimes we will laugh at jokes by certain people just to get along will them. Additionally, people will laugh at things to give pity, as well as laughing for the reason that it is not funny.



Why do people laugh in funerals?

Sometimes, people laugh during funerals because they try and reduce the anxiousness as well as stress and awkwardness.

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