Italy: It’s Not All Supercars and Spaghetti

Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, with the best food and the best supercars. But what else does it offer?

By Nicolo’, London · May 29, 2019

Pic: Unsplash/ Ales Krivec 

Medieval Towns

If you go to Italy, you must not miss seeing at least medieval towns and cities. While usually very small they are also very beautiful. These places are full of old churches and many have big castles as well. These are always situated in the highest hill of the town (because this was seen as the safest place.) Spoleto, in Umbria, is a great example. So is Gradara.



Modern Cities

That’s not to say Italy is all old stuff! If you’re a person who loves big modern cities, you should try Milan. It is a very big city that is both futuristic and stylish. Lots of building have been designed by Renzo Piano, the famous Italian architect who designed The Shard, the highest building in London. Milan is full of cinemas, theatres and lots of skyscrapers. It is like a smaller version of London, but is very interesting and beautiful.



Religious Significance

Italy is a mostly Catholic Country. Santa Sede in Citta del Vaticano is the centre of this. There is the pope’s home, the Apostolic Palace, and in Piazza San Pietro you can even follow the holy mass celebrated by him. For Muslims there are various mosques where you can follow the prayer. Many buildings are constructions of the late 5th century. Both churches, mosques and other places of workship are very beautiful with a unique style.



Don’t Forget The Supercars

No article about Italy wouldn’t be complete without properly mentioning the supercars! If you love supercars,such as Ferrari, Maserati or Lamborghini, you absolutely must go to Emilia Romagna. It is a region on the beautiful Italian peninsula where you can find many supercar factories, museums and racing circuits.

For the Ferrari lovers, Maranello and Modena are the perfect places to go. There are two Ferrari museums with every car produced since 1947 to 2019. You can also experience a day on the track with a real Ferrari, but if you still can’t afford even that, don’t worry. You can still try the official Ferrari virtual simulator inside a F1 car cockpit, an awesome experience.