Ladywood Worst Birmingham Constituency For Knife Crime

Birmingham Ladywood had the most knife crime in Birmingham over the last five years, with more than double the next worst constituency, Erdington.

By Anthony & Abdulahi, Birmingham · May 18, 2020

Pic: Shutterstock

The worst constituency in Birmingham for knife crime is Birmingham Ladywood, with 381 knife crimes in the last five years, more than double any other constituency.

154 knife-related crimes occurred in the suburb of Erdington, next on the list, followed by 142 in Perry Barr, and 140 in Hodge Hill.

There were 125 similar crimes in Yardley over the same time period, 113 in Northfield, and another 107 in Edgbaston. Sutton Coldfield had the lowest number, with 58, followed by Selly Oak at 83 knife-related crimes and 86 in North Green.

Why did students choose to cover this story?

The students said: “We chose this topic because we wanted to see how many people had been involved in knife-related attacks which occurred from 2014-2019.”

How did the answers make our journalists feel? 

“This is important to us because it gives us an accurate representation of which area are popular for this type of topic.”