Lewisham Mental Health Budget Drops By Over £750,000 In 4 Years

The London borough's budget for such services has fallen since 2015.

By Abi, 15, and Queenie, 15, London · December 2, 2019

Lewisham council’s mental health services budget has dropped by 10% over a four year period.

Pic: Unsplash/ Toimetaja Tõlkebüroo

In 2014/15, the borough budget for such services stood at £7,673,600, but 2017/18, this had fallen to £6,909,030, indicating a reduction in budget of £764,570. 

The figures were uncovered after media literacy charity The Student View submitted a Freedom of Information request to Lewisham Council.

Why did students cover this story?

Abi, 15, and Queenie, 15 said that they picked this topic “because mental health is a huge problem within schools, and we were interested in the statistics, within our borough, on the amount of facilities available.”