Make Yourself Smarter With These 4 Scientifically Proven Techniques

These techniques are proved to significantly improve your knowledge and benefit you when studying.

By Anorin, London · April 19, 2019


Pic: Unsplash / Tamarcus Brown

1. Associate colours and scents to your studies

Associating your studies to your senses will help you remember them easier. For example, chewing gum while studying was proven by scientists to help remember knowledge. The researchers, from St. Lawrence University, tested the link between chewing gum and grades on over 200 students. They found that chewing gum helped students to then recall things they had learned earlier during memory tasks.



2. Speaking it out loud

Retaining information is much easier when recited out loud. Teaching the information you learn to somebody else is, therefore, a good technique. This aids understanding and recollection of the information. Speaking out loud triggers cognitive abilities which affect your memory, attention and comprehension. In fact, listening to your own explanation of a subject is more effective than any old random stranger’s voice.

3. Practising

This may sound simple, however many people give up on studying due to lack of perseverance and boredom. However, the best and most essential way to retain knowledge is through practice. Not only does it solidify the information acquired into your memory, but it also strengthens the understanding of the topic. It is scientifically proven that practising may not make you perfect, but it definitely will help you improve.



4. Being active

This may seem strange, however, it is very true that exercise can improve and boost your memory and brain power. In fact, just 20 minutes of exercise was proved by Dr Charles H. Hillman, of the University of Illinois, to improve performance.  Therefore it is a good idea to take short walks before you set down your revision notes and begin revising. This small amount of exercise will still aid your studies!