Nearly 400 Police Chases In Bradford Every Year

Several hundred officers in the city are trained to deal with high-speed car chases.

By Ayshah,15 and Ismail,15, Bradford · October 1, 2019

There are almost 400 police vehicle chases in Bradford every year, according to new data released by police.

According to Freedom of Information request data sourced by the media literacy charity The Student View, there were 397 police vehicle chases in Bradford in 2018. Six of those pursuits ended in injuries to officers, while six ende in injuries to the suspects.

2017 saw the same number of chases, up from 383 in 2016.

Pic: Pexels / Pixabay

Officers specially trained in pursuit

In Bradford, there are 304 officers at Bradford District trained in initial pursuit, with a further 90 Tactical Pursuit and Containment (TPAC) trained officers assigned to protective services operations.

TPAC training prepares an officer to safely stop a pursuit, and involves several different methods to stop the fleeing. this includes spike strips, roadblocks and the “box and stop” containment.

West Yorkshire Police declined to comment on this story.

Why did students choose to cover this story?

Ayshah and Ismail said: “This story is important because it is something that is increasing day by day and needs to be sorted.”