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6 Clever Ways To Dodge Detention

Submitted by solomon on Tue, 10/03/2017 - 17:58
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Aren’t you tired of getting detentions? Out of excuses? Well here are a few clever ways to dodge them:

1. Express remorse

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You’ve got to make eye contact with the teacher. Apologise, but be genuine with your apology. Look like you are really sorry about your actions and you will be free.

2. Blame society

Rant about society:  if you want to survive, you’ve got to blend in with your friends. You had to do what you had to do. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have any friends and you don’t want to go through that stage again at school. The teacher will feel sympathetic and let you off... hopefully!

3. Make up a story

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Tell the teacher a story, such as you have to pick up your sister and there will be nobody there to pick her up, as your mother and father are busy sacrificing every minute working so you can have a decent life. Be creative, the more unique it is, the more believable it will be.

4. Cry

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Crying is a good way to get out of a detention, a teacher doesn't want to go through the pressure of a student crying. They might let you off, and as a bonus, feel bad themselves.

5. Extracurricular activities

If you do any extracurricular activities, they are your chance to take advantage. Tell the teacher you are missing a great opportunity to learn a skill of some sort. They will most likely let you off (maybe...).

6. Learn from your mistakes

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If you just learn from the past and stop making the same mistakes, you will avoid many detentions in the future that you would normally get.

By Luiz