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Why Photoshop Should Be Banned In Advertising

Submitted by solomon on Fri, 10/06/2017 - 15:24
Image of eye with images on iris
Pic: Flickr Creative Commons / photographerpandora

It is common knowledge that advertisers use photoshop, but we have gotten to a point where companies can deceive consumers in order to sell products. These are the reasons why I believe photoshop in fashion and food advertising should be banned:

1. False advertising has become too accepted

The use of photoshop in food advertising has been overused to a point where photoshopped images almost bear no resemblance to the original photo or idea. Advertisers sometimes sell a fake image of the product rather than the real product.

2. Photoshop is unhealthy

Through photoshopping, the figures of some models are at unachievable weight levels. Photoshopped images of models bombard the public almost everywhere including at bus stops, shops and online. This cannot be healthy. The overuse of photoshopping can lead to eating disorders. Anorexia and bulimia primarily affect teenagers and those in their twenties.

3. Makes advertising untrustworthy

When your burger bears little resemblance to what you chose in the leaflet, it provokes the question of “Well, what do I believe?” Yes, we expect the burger not to be a spitting image of the advert, but why should we? An outcome like this is a let-down, so why not skip the disappointment and eat what we bought.

4. Models are people too

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Pic: Pexels Creative Commons / Tranmautritram

Through photoshopping, models are also affected badly by this. Yes, you can argue that it is their job but I believe we should allow models to feel okay with their bodies too. When posters look so dramatically different to the photo shoot, it is unhealthy for all involved.

By Ellen