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Why School Uniform Should Be Optional

Submitted by solomon on Fri, 11/17/2017 - 16:36
Children at school wearing their own clothes.
Pic: Flickr Creative Commons

When a child goes to a new school and has to start over again the main piece of advice a parent gives their child is “be yourself”, but how can we be ourselves when school uniform limits our creativity and our peers pressure us to “fit in”.

Research from the Children's Society recently showed that:The proportion of girls reporting being worried about their looks rose from 30% for the period as a whole, to 34% in the year 2013-14 - while the proportion of boys unhappy with their appearance remained unchanged at 20%.”

This can lead to depression and anxiety about our appearance and promote stereotypical views of what we “should or should not” look like. Plus, if you come from a low-income family paying for school uniform is much harder.

Primary school pupils wearing their own clothes.
Pic: Flickr Creative Commons

Uniform should be optional. Although it is made to make us all feel the same and not be left out or bullied, it does the opposite. Speaking to my peers, I found they felt it decreases their confidence and makes those who can't regularly pay for new uniform stick out. What we choose to wear allows us to express ourselves, it will make us more willing to learn.

By Kira