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Did You Know This About Latin American Culture?

Submitted by solomon on Thu, 05/11/2017 - 09:31
A man playing a trumpet at a Latino cultural festival.
Pic: Flickr Creative Commons

What is Latin American food like?

A close up of a taco.
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The main ingredients commonly used in Latin American food are usually either: maize-based (such as tortillas and tacos) which are made with various salsas (like guacamole and pico de gallo) as well as spices (such as chilli and paprika). These can make up a range of delicious dishes such as Churrasco and Empanadas.

How popular are Latin American languages?

Jimmy Fallon making a joke about vitamin c being Spanish for vitamin yes.
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Latino countries in South America speak either Portuguese or Spanish as their first language. Spanish is actually the second-most widely spoken language in the world with 400 million speakers, followed by Portuguese which is the sixth most spoken language globally with 220 million native speakers.

What sports do Latin Americans like to play?

Lionel Messi Adidas advert.
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The most common sports Latin Americans play are football and volleyball. Football is popular because of the number of talented players of Latin origin, such as Lionel Messi. Furthermore, because Latin American countries are generally hot and home to beautiful beaches, sports like volleyball are often played.

What type of music do Latin Americans listen to?

When people think about Latin American music Salsa usually comes to mind. The music we listen to is usually made so that people can dance to it. Popular genres include Kizomba and Bachata.

What is Latin American clothing like?

A close up of two colourful Sombreros.
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Latin American clothing differs from country to country, for example, in Mexico, sombreros (a type of Mexican hat) are worn. Whereas in Brazil people may wear decorative headpieces during carnival.

By Naomi