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Everything You Need To Know About Vlogging

Submitted by solomon on Fri, 05/19/2017 - 16:15
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What is vlogging?

‘Vlogging’ is a term referring to either a video log or video blog, which is a popular form of web television.

Do you need any qualifications to vlog?

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To be able to vlog you need strong communication skills. Don’t shy away from the camera!! If you want to upload your vlogs on the internet you need to show that you’re confident. You do not need any official qualifications, anybody can vlog as long as they are articulate and have something of interest to say!

What equipment do you need?

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You don’t really need fancy equipment, you can just use your phone or a camera. Some well-known vloggers use Nikon or Canon cameras. It doesn’t mean that other cameras are not good too. You might want to start off with your smartphone and invest in a more expensive camera if you find vlogging is definitely for you!

Why do people vlog?

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People often vlog to entertain or show viewers their lifestyles. There aren't any complicated answers to this question other than the fact that it’s a fun hobby. People also vlog to share their opinions about things, such as a recent event on the news or to review a product they have tried.

How can you make people see your vlogs?

If you want your vlogs to be open to viewers, you can upload them to YouTube. Make sure you start a YouTube channel so that people can subscribe to your channel. The more subscribers and views you get the more popular you'll become!

By Sarah