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4 False Stereotypes About Cheerleaders

Submitted by solomon on Tue, 07/25/2017 - 12:16
Image of cheerleaders.
Pic: Flickr Creative Commons

1. We are not all 'girly girls'

A cheerleader doing a flip.
GIF: Giphy

Yes, we have super cute costumes and big beautiful bows but cheerleading is one of the fiercest and most dangerous sports to learn. It is not easy.

2. We do not wear our costumes all the time

In a lot of films, you will usually see girls and boys in their costumes 24/7. Our outfits are not to be worn all the time. We are only meant to wear them for competing.

3. We are not all mean

Girl cheerleaders looking angry.
Pic: Flickr Creative Commons

People like to label cheerleaders as mean, horrible and self-centered but that's just American movies for you. Cheerleaders are in fact just normal people like anyone else. Everyone can be mean, can’t they?

4. The captain does not supervise practices

In a lot of films, you see the captain coming up with the routines and supervising everything but that is not how it is. We have coaches that do that. They choreograph our routines for competitions and teach us how to do our stunts. The captain helps but they do not do that on their own.   

By Kyana