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Everything You Need To Know About Bruno Mars

Submitted by solomon on Tue, 07/25/2017 - 12:29
Image of Bruno Mars.
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Bruno Mars is a global superstar, who has worked his way to the top. Maybe his big hair and fancy hats have helped!

Why is he called Bruno Mars?

Well, Bruno Mars’ birth name is actually Peter Gene Hernandez. He got the name Bruno from his dad who used to call him Bruno after a wrestler from Hawaii. The surname Mars came about because girls used to say he’s “out of this world” and that is how Bruno Mars' name was created.

How did Bruno get into music?

Bruno Mars doing an Elvis impression.










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It all began back when Bruno was still known as Peter. He was about 3 or 4 and had a passion for music. His parents owned a shop by the sea, where at night an impersonation show would go on. Day after day Bruno would beg his father to take his uncle's place on stage to do an Elvis impersonation. One day his father agreed and a star was born. Years later Bruno set off to L.A and perused his dreams.

What inspired his new album “24K magic”?

Bruno based this entire album on songs that he would want to dance to. Mars recreated his favourite childhood songs with lyrics he could relate to.

Who were Bruno’s inspirations

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Bruno Mars always had a love for Elvis and Michael Jackson. His family even called him mini Elvis. His inspiration of Michael Jackson shines through in his fashion and his spectacular dance moves. As Elvis was the first person Bruno ever impersonated, Bruno thinks of Elvis when writing his smash hit songs.

By Emma