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Pads And Tampons Are Devouring My Pocket Money. Why?

Submitted by solomon on Tue, 10/03/2017 - 21:36
Image of tampons in a wicker basket
Pic: flickr Creative Commons / Eric E Castro

Who chooses to endure monthly menstruation? Nobody. You cannot stop a natural human occurrence. Free condoms can be easy to access but pads aren’t. It’s not fair.

Facts and feminism

Charities often like to enhance the awareness of safe sexual health and personal hygiene by freely distributing barrier methods of contraception, like condoms. People can now order them for free from various sexual health institutions. 

It should be free

Image of a hospital.
Pic: Wikimedia Commons

Regardless of gender, hygiene products should be circulated free of charge among the general population - if males or females who believe otherwise were previously educated on the process of a period and importance of hygiene, this wouldn’t be overlooked today.

Nature not choice

Tampons lying on ground
Pic: Flickr Creative Commons / Daniel Lobo

Around the world, girls who simply can’t afford sanitary equipment skip school - meaning that multiple days of education is being missed. Let’s say a girl starts her period at 14, 4 years of schooling to go. Every month, she misses 4 days. That’s already 160 school days annually, leaving 640 days of vital knowledge wasted because she’s a female and has started her period.

A female prime minister is an opportunity

Nearly every woman menstruates, it is inevitable and guaranteed that vast amounts of money are going to be made from females using pads and tampons - it’s basically exploitation of women. For the first time in 20 years, we have a female Prime Minister - it can be considered a great opportunity for women and girls to change the financial and social norms of having to pay for hygiene products.

If they're not made free at least, they should be less expensive. It’s morally right.

By Janielle