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Why Spurs Have A Reputation For Bottling

Submitted by solomon on Tue, 10/24/2017 - 15:22
Image of Jan Vertonghen playing for Tottenham
Pic: Flickr Creative Commons / Ben Sutherland

Tottenham Hotspur have had a successful past, winning eight FA Cups, four League Cup trophies, seven Community Shield trophies, twice winners of the Football League, twice winners of the UEFA Cup and once the winner of the European Cup Winners’ Cup. But could they have done even more?

Tottenham's solid record

Since 2005-06, Tottenham have finished in the top five nine times out of twelve. However, they only finished second just last season. Is this because of bad luck or hard competition from strong opposition, or have Tottenham managed to bottle it again, again, and again?

Failing to capitalise on their opponents' weaknesses

Image of Gareth Bale playing for Spurs
Pic: Flickr Creative Commons / Matt Boulton

In 2015-16, Tottenham had a great chance to win the Premier League when clubs such as Chelsea and Manchester United let their season slip early, with them both finishing outside of the top four. So how did Tottenham not manage to finish second in that crazy season of football? Well, Tottenham were second all the way from February to the end of the season - during February they had the potential to finish first, only five points behind the league leaders Leicester City. But they left things too late. After Tottenham realised they had again ruined their title chances, they lost in a disgraceful manner to relegated side Newcastle 5-0 on the last day of the season, losing second place to neighbouring club Arsenal. 

Losing to underdog opposition

Image of the inside of White Hart Lane Stadium
Pic: Flickr Creative Commons / Ben Holliday

Furthermore, Tottenham again had a great season last year, standing just behind league leaders Chelsea. Now I know what you’re thinking, this isn’t too shameful, how did Tottenham bottle it? Well, on the 5th May 2017, Tottenham were brutally played off the pitch by table-climbing West Ham United in a shocking one-nil defeat, when they were heavy favourites to push aside the underdogs. That win would have put them just one point behind future champions Chelsea. But the pressure got to Spurs under the lights of the London Stadium and Tottenham crashed to a wondrous and unlikely defeat, showing how when the time comes to take the bull by the horns and strive for victory, they in fact miss the horns and get speared - moving onto the next disappointing season for their fans.

Unlucky semis

Since 1901, Tottenham have lost eleven semi-finals in their last 20 FA Cup finals.

That’s over half of their overall semi-finals that they have lost. This proves my theory that Tottenham are complete bottle jobs and that when it gets to crunch time, they lack character and enthusiasm to win the game - they shy away from the possibility of becoming a great team.

By Frankie