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What Effects Do Beauty Stereotypes Have On Young Minds?

Submitted by solomon on Fri, 03/30/2018 - 19:35
Image of girl looking self-conscious
Pic: Flickr Creative Commons / Alex Chen

It starts from within:

Firstly, start with yourself. Confidence comes from within, so don’t focus on anything negative anybody says, or what society has to say about how you look. Some views of  ‘beauty’ distort our own, making us self-conscious and unhappy. Luckily, many websites and celebrity role models nowadays are changing our opinions on ‘beauty’.


Lorde tweeted about an image of herself with photoshopped skin, which she had not agreed to. She did not want her pictures photoshopped, because she is very confident in the way she looks anyway, which is great.

Ways to stay happy and healthy!

Always make sure you are eating healthily and doing the required amount of exercise (60 minutes daily), which will help make you feel happier. Also, staying around people you love and who make you happy can help too.

If you’re feeling sad, lonely or low on self-esteem...

Go to your friends and family for a top-up of happiness. If your friends don’t help you in this way, then they aren’t real friends (no shade). Family members are also great to have conversations with on this topic, as they will most likely always understand your situation.

Lastly, everyone has different views on ‘beauty’:

This means that you do not have to follow society’s unfair views on modern day ‘beauty’. Everybody is unique and different, much like their opinions. Instead of feeling upset because we do not exactly match society’s definition of ‘beauty’, we should celebrate our differences.

By Lara