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Four Artists You Should Follow On Instagram

Submitted by solomon on Mon, 12/10/2018 - 15:02
image of stencil of man with colourful beard
Pic: Pexels Creative Commons / Picography

Some artists are famous for their work after they die. However, these inspirational artists are building their careers on Instagram. Basing their work on street art and creative textures, their art is natural and touching. Here are some examples.


Inquisitive (real name Amandeep Singh) is a UK-based illustrator that finds visionary ways to express his creative techniques by using them when he draws people who are significant, such as Drake and The Weeknd. He began posting his artwork and started drawing on canvases, which gained him some attention. Currently, Inkquisitive has 174k followers.

Alex Pardee:

Alex Pardee is an artist illustrator, designer and creator of comics. Alex portrays his thoughts through his artwork with passion and care. He is best known for illustrating The Used’s (an American rock band) album artwork. Alex has 187k followers on Instagram.

Sam Flores:

Sam Flores is an American self-taught visual artist and illustrator. His artwork is based on beautiful goddesses like Hera. Most of his work is a creative mixture of graffiti and drawing, inspired by his love for hip-hop music and from Mexican comics like Tiger Baby Print. Sam works with acrylics, pen, ink and sculptures. Sam has earned himself 29.5k followers on Instagram.

Greg Simkins:

Greg Simkins is an artist based in California. He began his journey primarily using graffiti. Simkins then moved onto drawing on large-scale boards, which helped him earn 312k followers on Instagram. Greg started showing his artwork in an exhibition called Grand Central Art Centre that was held in Los Angeles.

By Dancy